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Is the car LED headlight really strong?

Datetime: 2017-12-09 16:03:55    View: 1634

Lights, night driving is not only necessary, in the daily driving process, will play a very big role, for example, haze days, we should open our profile lamp; if the daytime daytime running lights, the car will become even more dazzling; if we want to push the front of the car, can if the temporary flashing headlights; stop, we can open the double flash......

Therefore, when we choose cars, we often intertwine the lights of cars. Sometimes, in order to turn all of their headlights into xenon headlights, they spend more than ten thousand dollars. Is this money worth it? The following will be a joke with you, the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of car lights.

At present, the light sources we know are: the halogen lamp, the xenon headlight, the LED headlight and the laser light.

First of all, the halogen lamp, which is the most common and oldest lamp we have ever seen, may be traced back to the time of Edison. Its characteristic is that the luminescence is warm yellow, and the luminance is low, which can only satisfy the basic use. But he doesn"t have no advantage. The warm yellow light penetration is the best in rainy days or foggy days.

The next is the xenon lamp, whose principle is to glow by ionization of xenon in the light bulb by high pressure. It is characterized by high brightness, probably is several times of the halogen lamp, electric energy into light energy efficiency is improved by a large margin, which is bright and power, but its complex structure and higher costs, so the more common in the high allocation of vehicles.

LED headlights, because the speed of the fast, before the LED used in the brake light, and now the LED light is also used in the light.

LED headlights now often appear in the roles of light boxes, signs and various electrical indicators and backlights. They are also important components of vehicle taillights, high duty brake lights and daytime running lights. The advantages of LED headlights for automobile is that the LED light source (not only limited to the front headlights) has the following advantages: energy saving, long life and good durability, LED components are compact, compact, convenient for layout and styling design, fast response speed, low brightness and so on.

In recent years, laser headlights have become the new favorite of automobile manufacturers by removing three major headlights. In addition to having many advantages such as high efficiency, long life, fast response speed and strong stability of LED headlamps, the diode lamp source used for laser headlights is far less than that of LED lamps. Designers have better room to play. The shape of the laser lamp is not only confined to the past traditional impression of car headlights, but in many concept cars it can be seen excellent performance.