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Leading projects drive hundreds of billions of new energy automotive industry circle

Datetime: 2017-10-20 09:04:29    View: 1733

A leading project may develop into an industry and realize the industry"s fusion". Beiqi new energy industry base in Qingdao hit a new record of a industry agglomeration degree and speed of development: in May 2016, Beiqi new energy industry base in Qingdao won the first national new energy automobile production qualification license; in June of this year, Beiqi new energy industry base in Qingdao through technical innovation, production capacity from 50 thousand units to 100 thousand units, and become the industrial base in welding, painting and assembly of three advanced technology available. At present, the investment of 4 billion yuan of Beiqi new energy industry base in Qingdao two is accelerating, workshop main project will be completed in November this year, the end of August 2018 put into operation, the new energy automobile production will exceed 200 thousand, 2020 reached 300 thousand vehicles. By then, BAIC new energy industry Qingdao base will become the country and even the world"s largest new energy automotive industry base, national new energy automotive industry park.

Leading enterprises led to the big industry, big industrial agglomeration butterfly form industry circle. Laixi Jiangshan town expands the development space of new energy automobile industry, and highlights the introduction and cultivation of supporting enterprises and related enterprises. In the planning of the new energy automobile industry park covers an area of 3000 acres and 5000 acres of Auto Parts Industrial Park, and carry out a high standard infrastructure on the basis of the construction, vigorously carry out the industrial investment, and Qingdao GuoXuan supporting the production of power battery battery Beiqi period followed by implementation of the capacity to enhance the transformation of Beijing, the yield of over 10 times, two projects are under construction, plans next year completed and put into production, the annual for the major enterprises of 200 thousand cars Beiqi pure electric vehicles battery supporting leading; supporting Beiqi, China Xuan Industrial Park project Hong Run forestry biomass energy project in the comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste is about 50 thousand tons, the annual alternative about 60 thousand tons of standard coal, improve heating, gas supply capacity of new energy automobile industry park; Qingdao Taihe industrial Ivan North transmission machinery, new Mingxin automotive lamps, gold Rita 15 Beiqi mould supporting the production of automobile precision transmission rod, auto lamps, trim, auto parts and other parts of the spring member projects have settled and put into trial production; in June 27th, in Laixi City, the old and new industrial projects signed the energy transfer and financial docking ceremony, and 12 new energy automotive Industry Association supporting enterprises signed, is expected to 2020, Jiang Shanxin Energy Industrial Park and automobile enterprises and related enterprises will reach more than 100.